Beverage Products

Express service perfect brew Tetley tea bags, variety of select teas, low-cost and low order quantity sugar sachets & sticks and unusual coloured sugar. This section has caters for a perfect pick-me-up promotion, breakfast meeting or low-cost mailer.

Coffee Sachets

Hot Chocolate Sachet

Effervescent Powder

Coloured Sugar

Sugar Sachet/Stick

Select Tea

Tetley Tea Bag

Small Pyramid Tea

Large Pyramid Tea

Crystal Sugar Sticks

     Hot Chocolate Spoon

Hot Chocolate Pyramid

Hot Choc & Marshmallows

Glass Water Bottles

Water Bottles

Energy Drink

Iced Coffee


Vodka Shot

Freeze Pops

Stick of Tea

Flow Packed Tea Bag

Water Pouch

Capri Sun Drink

Chai Latte Sachet