A promotional card made of white cardboard with a treat attached to the inside.


The front cover has a perforated edge perfect for removing and using as a business card or promotional voucher.


Filling available: 5g chocolate heart, a single flow wrapped chewy mint Mentos, 5g mini Ritter Sport bar (apline milk, almond & cornflakes supplied as a random mix) or Lindt Hello mini Emoti chocolate (5 different emoti faces, supplied as a random mix).


Minimum order quantity is 630 pieces.



Technical Information:

Dimensions: approx. 85x55x9mm
Print area: template on request
Shelf life: Emoti & Ritter Sport: approx 6 months, Mentos: approx 12 months, chocolate heart approx 9 months
Turnaround time: Approx. 3-4 weeks