Confectionery bags personalised with a printed sticker.


Fillings available:

140g: foam shrimps

150g: rhubarb & custard, Sherbet lemons, chocolate limes, mint humbugs, fizzy dummies and toffee bon bons.

170g: clotted cream fudge, jelly snakes, melon pieces, dew drops, fruit pastilles, strawberry cuttings and fizzy strawberry cuttings.

190g: dolly mixtures, liquorice allsorts, wine gums, jelly beans, jelly babies, fizzy blue bottles, chocolate flavour jazzies and pink porky pigs.

187g: fizzy cola bottles

210g: mint imperials


The minimum order quantity is 250 pieces.


Technical Information:

Dimensions: 17x8.5x4.5cm
Print area: 54x85mm
Lead-time: approx 1-2 weeks
Shelf-Life: 20 weeks